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        Augusta & Idalia Stiger/Steger University
                       Family Learning  Center.

The Family Learning Center is dedicated to encourging Parent to be intimately involved in the intellectual development of their children.   


We provide resources to help Parents evaluate there child's comprehension and knowledge level.   Tutoring your child 3 hours a week can only enhance their opportunities to succeed. Free Resources for Parents. Stiger Youth Development Family Learning Center


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Our grandfater Augusta Steger had a tremendous effect on Our lives 

growing up, he didn't have what we call today a "Formal" 

education but he was a TEACHER of LIFE to ALL the children in the 



He instilled in us the importance of getting your 

"Lesson" in school being "Respectful", telling the "Truth" and 

making a good "Name" that wo8uld serve as a protection to you as 

you went through life. 


There is no way we can repay him for what he did for us 

personally. But WE can create a legacy to what he stood for.



That is why "Augusta and Idalia Stiger/Steger University Family 

Learning Center was created.  Stiger Youth Development Group is 

asking all people of goodwill to support this effort to grow 

this Family Learning Center.  


You can donate MONEY, TIME or EXPERTISE. We intend for this site to be a RESOURSE not only for the desendants of our grandfater and grandmother but for ALL young people.  We have Tax Exempt status so ALL contributions 

are Tax Dedutible.    



Working Single Parents Childcare  Fund 

Stiger Youth Development Group is a nonprofit dedicated to helping young people of all ages to reach their full potential and become the Leaders of Tomorrow TODAY.

Our current focus is on early Childhood Development and the issue of extremely high cost for Daycare. Our mission is to help Children by helping Families.  The Monthly childcare is the largest expense many families have to budget for.  

We want to partner with Businesses and individuals who’s tax deductible contributions will go to create a Daycare Scholarship Fund . We will reach out and build relationships with community Daycare providers who can serve as the resource to refer young families to the Daycare Scholarship Fund when they need assistance.  This allows the Service provider to get paid for the service rendered and helps a young working family when it needs help the most. 

The Daycare Scholarship Fund will also offer Android tablets as a tool to encourage parents to tutor and  become more involved in their child’s intellectual development.

We ask you to join us in helping young families This is Your Time to Shine

Dexton Fields


WE want to Thank Dexton Fields former Wide Receiver for the University of Kansas Jayhawks for being a TEXAS Superstar Youth Sports Partner.  

Megan Birmingham 


Megan Birmingham the Director of TSYSG Softball was named to the 2007 ALL-SWAC First Team. Megan  was one of only two Freshman players to be named to the first team.

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Demetrius Fields


Congrats to TSYSG FAM member Demetrius Fields for finishing up a stella career at Northwestern University with GATOR BOWL Championship. The South Oak Cliff High School Grad was a big play reciever for the Wildcats with 36 straight starts. A Great Player.....and YES, a even Greater Young Man and Role Model.


100RadioLive is a sponsor of "Stiger Youth Development Group"  and "Texas Superstar Sports Group"


"One Person can make a Difference"

Stiger Youth Development Group is a nonprofit dedicated to helping young people of all ages to reach their full potential and become the Leaders of Tomorrow TODAY.

Compter Coding

           for Kids

There’s been a lot of buzz about kids learning to code.
In today’s digital world, coding is a fundamental skill alongside math and reading, but too few kids have the opportunity to learn to program.


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Academic Resources 

Be intimately involved in your child's education and learning experience.

Founder's Story 

The Story behind the Texas Super Star Youth Sports Group. 

"TSYSG" making a difference with the help of Corporate sponsors.

Thanks to BIG 5 SPORTS for your Corporate citizenship. 

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